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Captain Phillips Official International Trailer (2013) – Tom Hanks Movie HD


ahmed nabeel says:

I watched this movie so GOOD

venkata siva sumanth kandarpa says:

Don’t take it personal mate. Its just a movie and its based on a true story so try to enjoy the thrill of being in the shoes of Captain Phillips. And nobody is going to judge you or any Somalians based on this movie as it shows both sides of the coin.

Danny Kaye says:

I’m hoping that not all the Royal Navy does in this film “It’s properly just fishermen…” 

Layla Tahlil says:

Im a somalian I love americans and somalians but I feel like america is doing wrong by going to other nations and stealing their property and no one ever has the guts to speak up im not a terrorist and now beacause of this one movie we all now are sterotype as pirates this world will never change if america keeps stealing and making movies like this stating we are the bad guys were all humans just like the world has criminals so does somalia so why judge us all?

Chris King says:

u a wenie

Lufafy Lafay says:

Captain Phillips
Starring: Tom Hanks, Catherine Keener, Max Martini
The film focuses on the relationship between the Alabama s commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips and his Somali counterpart, Muse.
Watch at

belebailey says:

I love American and Somalian

BangTvBang says:

Wayto exploit poor africans AGAIN white people.

Charles Vien says:

This is an amazing story.
Cant wait.

MankLeGend says:

No this whole is thing is wrong, and pointless. The true facts is that Somalis are not the pirates, the real pirates and the most disgusted human beings are the americans who left their shores and went to other people’s shore to steal the goods. But the world won’t be the same everyday, this whole planet and everything you see is the property of god, so who knows if Somalia will became the best country in the world and bring these thieves to justice . I hope that will happen one day

Michael Shinosky says:

802 what’s up??

Taylor Herman says:

I cried in Castaway and i know I’m going to cry for this one! Tom is such a great actor!

BLUDDYknucklez says:

you must be somalian?

Tonya Smedley says:

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Maxamed Axmed says:

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