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Captain Phillips Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Tom Hanks


msmithstud says:


M Benz says:

omg! such a great movie! just finished watching at theatre. Great actors and great storyline.

fluffyfuzzbox says:

go back to srebrenica you russian cunt. AUSCHWITZ!!!!

Nurvi Winkel says:

want full movie captain philips visit:

Yusuf Haji says:

Hey Konrad Verner

Munah Caadey says:

Love my pirates walaahi waan ku jeclahay all the way from Minneapolis lol

Konrad Verner says:

Hey dipshit leave him alone, He makes a valid point

Konrad Verner says:


abdi yussuf says:

I like Barkhad Abdi’s Superb performance, an aspiring actor who made into Hollywood recently!

Danny Franco says:

I like the Modern Warfare 2 Music in this.

Mamasita Dandy says:

The true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years.

Charlotte Nguyen says:

barkhad abdi gave an incredible performance – especially as a first time actor!

tobygeral says:

Yeah, Somalis out of Somalia! Make way for Americans!

tobygeral says:

I think the film should have been named:
Captain Phillips: The Revenge of Abdi
Captain Phillips: The Wrath of Saeed
Captain Phillips: The Rage of Awale

ab dy says:

you are a fucking racist

musicboy880 says:

That IQ test must be quite bs because I’m fairly certain there’s more liberals in all the ghettos of the north ( I guess crack and meth help you focus and let’s not forget all the brilliant liberal celebrities like MATT DAMON) and then we have cities like portland and that awesome progressive city called San franciso it’s not even the rednecks that ruin the south it’s all the ghetto trash why do you think Detroit is the biggest city in the US to file for bankruptcy ( 8 billion in debt) then the

jija ibrahim says:

The Germans! What Germans?, Allow 1945 mate we in 2013. If your so keen and sure about what your saying, why aint the ”Germans” doing shit.

jija ibrahim says:

Well, shame on him!!!

Tomsi Tamsi says:

A capatin story. Watch more at

Troms Sotto says:

Blu ray movies at

Brendan Glavin says:

Well half the people on the ship are now suing him for putting their lives in danger, he was talking about fighting pirates the day before it happened. Why would they need relief supplies from Somalia?

RipFlm says:

The warning was 600 miles offshore, it wasn’t issued by Maersk and the warning is always in effect and the route he was sent on took him close to the Somalian shore for relief supplies.

Brendan Glavin says:

The real Captain Phillips is a dick!!! He steered his ship into dangerous waters intentionally, his shipping company had told him to remain 800 miles off shore due to possible piracy, he did this all to get famous and now… now tom hanks is portraying him in a hollywood blockbuster

suban sinnadurai says:

i hope barkhad abdi gets an oscar!

MyMisstoni says:

You ignorant Nazi fuck.

aznien9 says:

Oreganflatland the Italians tired to come into sub Saharan east Africa and got booted out by Ethiopian and Somali resistance. Respect the King of the South!

aznien9 says:

Finally some real Somalis

MrGabeanator says:

oh he will for SAVING MR BANKS

mike coppola says:

Richard Phillips is my teachers brother

AKABoondock19 says:

phony study…right….replace the word “phony” with “every” and you would be right.

oregonflatland says:

i’m well aware of the phony study you’re referring to – if you concede to differences in IQ levels for liberals and conservatives then you have to concede to differences in IQs based on race. checkmate motherfucker.

AKABoondock19 says:

LOL! Thats why consistently these liberal “idiots” have higher IQs than their republican counterparts…..look it up. Idiot.

Addehful says:

I hope Hanks gets an Oscar

oregonflatland says:

liberals are known to be idiots and i’m betting you’re far to the left of the bell curve.

mafia1953 says:

because racists are known to be idiots

Dan Saxe says:

Really now..Do you see Tom Hanks disarming all the hijackers and saving the day..NOPE..It was the Navy Seals..So this is pretty true to life

oregonflatland says:

why not idiot?

mafia1953 says:

why racism idiot?

KaySan666 says:

I’ve read a book from a SEAL that mentioned this incident. I can’t remember how many die, but if its true to the story in the book then the “significant” people, probably stay alive.

Grace Shada says:

This looks like a movie I’ll cry in ,I get very close to the characters,I have a problem.

asryear says:

v sorry about the comment before my cousin was on my account, but what you said was pretty ignorant.

asryear says:

@oregonflatland niggers? really STFU you ignorant little fuck. there’s difference between African Americans and those people. just because you see brown skin doesn’t mean ALL of us are capable of doing that fucking DUMB ASS.

oregonflatland says:

if those niggers hijacked a german ship before 1945 the germans would have sent a million troops and 10,000 tanks and wiped their country from the earth. as it should be.

MrGabeanator says:

next for MR hanks WALT DISNEY

Penguinsrock124 says:

sehen wollen es so schlimm!

roberto kapteijn says:

echt real tom hanks hij is supper voor kijkers een 9+ echt vet gaaf tom hanks op zijn best

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