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Captain Phillips – Official Trailer #2 (2013) [HD] Tom Hanks


eightypuff01 says:

Some people are referring this movie as a modern classic already. In the same class as saving private ryan and the shawshank redemption. Interesting!

Supplements4TheWin says:

im 19! saw it last night, amazing movie. best of the year 100%

daspoon456 says:

goats on a boat?

Mark Gregorio says:

This was a very good movie with good acting..must see.

Mr.BunnyRabbit911 says:

We are not all retarded and obese actually. Technically the three pirates holding guns were shot( I believe it was 3 by the time our seals could take the shot). We are not dumb but you can believe what you want I’m not trying to be a dick here but hated by the world yes we are indeed but not much to do about that now is there?

Pedro Del Corral says:

I’m 12 and I’m watching it tomorrow

Noufil Barrios says:

As a Graduate of BS Marine Transportation.. most of Mariners travel from Somalia or in other part of with more Pirates this is awesome movies for us 🙂

mike larry says:

“Everyone holding a gun was shot”, hahah. I think you are getting your info from the movie “Black Hawk Down” and this is why ladies and gentlemen movies such as “Captain Philips” are dangerous because retarded, obese Americans believe it’s the gospel and 100% correct. Man I feel for you people, so dumb and hated around the world so much.

Taker00 says:

Hello guys! I found “Capitan Philips” full online HD version!
I arleady watched, awesome!

Henryk Raczyński says:

this is my favourite movie! I watched this last sunday on this site:

Dominika Raś says:

I watched this movie yesterday and it’s awesome! 😉
Watch here:

Goeso02 says:

Awesome movie! When I watched I almost cry. Must watch this.
watch here:

Gamer000 says:

I watched this movie yesterday and it’s awesome! 😉
Watch here:

Radosław Kiepara says:

I watched this movie yesterday and it’s awesome! 😉
Watch here:

vid0291 says:

Awesome movie! When I watched I almost cry. Must watch this.
watch here:

Samuel Chepkwony says:

actually the first time they have every used actual Somalis to portray Somalis, instead of Nigerians and such…

wlhardy says:

Just saw this movie last night, outstanding performances all around–especially by the young men playing the Somali pirates (they immigrated to Minnesota when they were 14 & answered a casting call for the movie). I thought there’d be a lot of people at the movie, but there weren’t–and most were of my generation (45-60). I’m hoping younger people will see it; it seems as though they’re just interested the action figure (Iron Man), fantasy (Twilight series) genre.

fowlkesikellyb says:

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Michael Alex says:

Silly movies like 12 years a slave which doesnt show the involvement of Blacks in the slavetrade will probably win awards because of liberal Mathieu Kerekao former President of Benin Africa who came to America in 1999 to apologize to Blacks here for Africas involvement in the slavetrade.

Michael Alex says:

As a Merchant Seaman myself this is the real story of Africa not the PC version that hollywood tries to make Africans appear.I have been to Africa numerous times and have seen a pirated ocean going barge but we had American Marines as security.

Selina Wang says:

i recommend this movie to everyone! so worth to watch, best movie this year so far

Neximus1337 says:

This was such a good movie. Probably some of the best acting ive seen from Tom Hanks (even thought he is a phenomenal actor)

msmithstud says:


msmithstud says:


Johnny Fairweather says:

You are fucked

Felipe Rico says:

“A Marvelous Film”

TheKas330 says:

amazing movie

luckynicky789 says:

I have been doing this since The Dark Knight in 2008 it was the film which made me decide every other film would be just as good, but hasn’t been, furthermore, I make it a point to look for satanic angles (such as seat 11/15=666 on the left and right of tom hanks head for half the film) so I deem it necessary to see everything and I don’t pay to get in. You plan on becoming a critic, and in your heart of hearts believe THIS movie was better than Gravity?!? you have a lot to learn…

luckynicky789 says:

they effect everyone’s lives in more ways than you understand, you ever wonder why people in society seem programmed/conditioned to think certain ways, like treat women like whores, women treat men like money trees IN THE REAL WORLD… movies, television, music and the mainstream media caused that

luckynicky789 says:

2 of his best performances along with forest gump and apollo 13, this was right up there, but not his best, he will not win for best actor but deservest the nomination he’ll get…

luckynicky789 says:

Now, if you compare this film to Argo, the extremely over-rated B+ best picture of last year it is better in everyway or even the slightly better but still underachieving zero dark thirty this STILL dominates, but Gravity was a Miracle, a gift from God, a film so good it should obliterate the competition…

luckynicky789 says:

I agree, those are the front-runners, and I doubt 12 years a slave can approach Gravity’s Greatness… but we’ll see, this film is deserving of the nomination it will receive but it won’t win…

SaintMatthias says:

Define what you mean by civilian. Everyone holding a gun was shot, no bombs were used and helicopters only came into play 20 hours into the battle.

luckynicky789 says:

I’ll make this short and simple IT ISN’T Gravity IS, and Gravity is the current front-runner, this film will garner nominations for picture/actor and possibly director but unlikely, NONE will win, Tom Hanks barely deserves the nod, but does and Robert Redford in All is Lost appears to be a SURE THING TO WIN… along with the slave from 12 years a slave, hanks will be nominated the picture will be too, it was great but GRAVITY was mind blowing in more ways than one…

SaintMatthias says:

Oh, touche.

Justt436 says:

Just imagine Wilson sowing up to save Tom Hanks.

M Benz says:

omg! such a great movie! just finished watching at theatre. Great actors and great storyline.

lion tipu says:

If the movie fails at box office, I will FUCK YOU up.

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