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Captain Phillips – Official Trailer #2 (HD) Tom Hanks


Ben Gold says:

the SEALs actually use the MK12 which is the more powerful version of the MK11. the mk12 because the mk12 is lighter and have more rounds per mag.

Tredoslop says:

The Warfighter mission was inspired by this event. A lot of their missions are actually inspired by real-life events, but still changed up a bit. For instance, in the Maersk-inspired mission, the SEALs use LaRue OBR 7.62 rifles, when in reality, the SEALs (I’ve read) used Mk. 11 rifles.

Chris Liu says:

I want to see this movie when it is showing in Taiwan. It is truly touching store.

headida says:

My apologies that should read Jervis Bay.

headida says:

Some might be interested in the story of the Jarvis Bay. Now there was a great Captain.

Raymond Vicari says:

I am glad that none of the sailors were harmed many of the seaman are S.I.U union members like myself.Every seaman that I have met or know that sailed with Captain Phillips did not have anything good to say about him,I am happy for his family that nothing happened to him but this guy could have avoided this that is the real truth.

Somali Nomad says:

Few skinny somalis hijack a ship that is 100 times bigger than their litle boat….. somalis vs american cunts

meghansoccer17 says:

Capitan Phillips is my best friends uncle and I remember how hard it was for her family when this happened… For obvious reasons

Furei Senjin says:

Its the same story.

joeman6738 says:

God damnit. I know everything that happens in the movie now. Thanks.

Ben Gold says:

Medal of honor WF had the same mission o.o

Stickett says:

interesting premise

chrismac777 says:

Oh, I didn’t know I was supposed to feel bad for the Somali hijackers. Hollywood helps me to morally equate the good with the bad, and I am forever not worthy.

XxMetalGorxX says:

The US would rather kill everyone than let them win! USA!

brandon shaveface says:

at first i was gonna skip this movie, but after this trailer, im gonna see it on its opening weekend. it looks like it has a really interesting villain.

TheWholeBodyTrainer says:

most of the people who were raised in those countries look like that , probably spent half their lifetime malnourished and starving

1727Hammer says:

this movie is gonna suck paul greengrass cant direct for shit

rankine37 says:

I will like to campaign a nomination for best actor in a leading role for two time academy award winner tom hanks!

abdi musomali says:

hard movie from somalia

Rene Osegueda says:

Lol african pirates…please.

salem omr says:

loool those somali pirets .

ben scales says:

That black dude on the thumbnail creeped me out at first..

jstyles448g says:

This gone be crazy

BorisKopp says:

This could be good.

Imr' An says:

Seems boring to me!!

Thomas Matteo says:


leatherjacket16 says:

LOL yeah.

chucholetsm8one says:

thanks for telling him, he’s getting annoying.

BellicIV says:

A survey that sends you to another survey that sends you to another survey that sends you to never-ending surveys, and then makes you buy something, is not a way of making 5000 dollars.

Talha Davis says:

Where are the facts that the world has been dumping their nuclear waste in their seas for years resulting in children being born deformed etc. Hollywood propaganda time and time again!

BrownBroTv says:

They shouldn’t have shown that the pirate was a good guy in the fucking trailer… That twist would’ve been a good reveal

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