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Captain Phillips – Official Trailer (2013) [HD] Tom Hanks


valiant aramil says:

usain bolt took over the ship!!! WTF wahahaha

Skyline124Hd says:

Thats what happens when you use apple maps

Kumiko Kurby says:


corrinbholuby says:

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Ιωάννης Γιαλεσάκης says:

it’s a very realistic example of what’s hapenning to the sailors of motovessels around the world especially the coast near somalia…

bernadette flores says:

i just finish watching this movie… TOM HANKS is a great actor!

TheHadoukenFighter says:

Life really is a box of Chocolates for Tom Hanks

Clint Scicluna says:

One of the best movies tom hanks!! Keep it up!

Akho Budoy says:

all drones,all apache,all navy seal attack!!!!!!

S2Ldk says:

heh..? unarmed… plz…. maersk is a weapontransporter and a us puppet.

aizat27 says:

LOL. I thought the same too. But I bet that was way before his glory days.

Adhiiff says:

Relax man, everything gonna be ok. lol

Claire Carter says:

This movie was way beyond AWSOME! Hanks nailed it. It kept me on the edge of my seat and kept me emotionally involved. The Navy ROCKED.

thetwentyoneballoons says:

Tom Hanks “the smart man” actor

Darell Vescas says:

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Darell Vescas says:

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dede hendrawan says:

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amit kumar says:

r u crazy.. 😛

woolcterisat says:

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may anne concepcion says:

I think it’s a nice movie..need to be watch by all seafarers also my husband gonna like dis movie..

joshb729 says:

Just watched this last night. EXCELLENT!

WesternNoivern says:

I cried in the end 🙁

Bazza598 says:

Can ya hear me Captain Philips? Can ya hear me Captain Philips? Can ya heeeeere am I floating round this tin can, faaaar above the moon, planet earth is blue and theres nothing I can do 😛

Makhecha says:

Saw it yesterday and its is a great film ONLY because Tom Hanks is such a great actor. The Somali actors were brilliant also.

T HANKS for the memories – Philadelphia, Apollo, Road to Perdition, Catch me if you can…..and so many more

Natalia Bruce says:

What an awesome movie!!! Highly recommend:)

zaza s says:

” Look at me I am the Captain Now” bloody brilliant movie and to think that the guys acting as pirates had no acting experience before this movie absolutely flabbergasting !!! and of course Tom hanks brilliant as ever 9/10

dukemartin1 says:

sounds good but the “based on a true story” has 9 real life crew members suing the Captain saying his story is nothing but lies and he endangered the ship by sailing to close to the shore

Nico embassy says:

Fuckin ballahis i’m the real fuckin captain nigga!!!!!

MortalKombat313 says:

Not a bad movie.

salyercmernap says:

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Gianttesticles says:

I smell bullshit

Nathan Reacts says:

I absolutely loved this movie. Tom Hanks deserves another Oscar. especially in the last scene. so powerful

Brajesh Tiwari says:

Beautifully depicted fantastic movie. One of the best ever produced. I will give it full marks…5 stars to the movie.

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