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Captain Phillips Official Trailer 2013 + Trailer Review – Tom Hanks : HD PLUS


Muhumed Halane says:

But this is very rud and disrespectful

Muhumed Halane says:

I like this movie captain Philips

MCNothinStupid says:

I saw the movie today, it was amazing

jcwrsox1 says:

Great movie

Sam Jalal says:

Beast movie

BA NE says:

she clearly does NOT know SHIT about movies, you don’t have to review movies if you have no knowledge about them, instead go watch keeping up with the kardashians show or whatever dumb bitches like you watch these days! 😀

Mark Ohlson says:

Good trailer and hot newsbabe review. Thanks. 🙂

Khadra Guleid says:

What do u mean thy not American actors get ur facts rite be4 u talk bitch.. these boys are Americn citizens who are well known . As far I can see ur the person whos racist here.. its great movie cant wait 2 see my fellow brothers act xx

MrPooper346 says:

fuck you this is a good movie

almah aa says:

bitch fuck you,shut the fuck up instead of defending ur people u go and help them to further fucck up ur people image.. fucking dhiloo.. if u dont know that words meaning.. go ask ur mom cuz she is one too…

Alex MacLean says:

A review of a movie you didn’t see…that’s not a review, that’s meaningless babble.

stephsophia1 says:

Go and review your life because you are truly a traumatized S B!!!!!

llermo rogers says:

Someone shut her mouth…she has no clue since she hasnt seen the whole movie.

Alexandr Wang says:

ya man. preach.

Epic156 says:

I’m definitely gonna see this

Sunil .Mathew says:

Watch the orginal movie!!!

Zen Ku says:

man bitch shut the fuck up.

elpilonvideo says:

Fist time actor did a great job , I’d just watch him on today show nbc…

Nurvi Winkel says:

want full movie captain philips

julia061174 says:

i bet she’s watching jersey shore

Johnathon Michler says:

I really want to see this one. Thank you Grace for your words of thought I agree with you about the movies being a form of art and sometimes it doesn’t play out the same way as the real life situation. The main reason why I want to see this movie is because I was with this fleet when this event happened. We had to then escort merchant ships after the pirate king declared no mercy for US ships going through their waters.

Santoza M says:

am keeping my comment until to watch the movie & ready the true story behind it

MrChadLee9 says:

better to shut up!!!! go to your room and get some sleep…. hehehehe

squareboy33 says:

Same here

JoKeGaming1 says:

this trailer always gives me the chils every time i watch it

Lufafy Lafay says:

Captain Phillips
Starring: Tom Hanks, Catherine Keener, Max Martini
The film focuses on the relationship between the Alabama s commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips and his Somali counterpart, Muse.
Watch at

MrNingaFilms says:

Fuck you bitch, who the hell made you queen of rating?

SolarisOrion1 says:

Dont see how it could be racist at all. It annoys me when people think in an over the top anti racist way.

shere dore says:

Im going to see that movie

michael phinn says:

2:36 Im sorry but u are just a complete dumpster fire, i wouldnt use u to wipe my sperm, why dont u go back to the urine an vomit soaked floor u pealed urself from this morning u heavy eyelinered third world gutter whore.

Daniel Garcia says:


cris lopez says:

Are u a virgin

Henry Baumer says:

omg The real Phillips lives on my grandparents strreet

mike80449 says:

She has a opinion now here’s mine to the girl you wouldn’t know entertainment if it hit you on the head !!! Theses men went through hell and the fact there making a movie about it looks not just entertaining but it’s true so shut up whore

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