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CAPTAIN PHILLIPS – Official Trailer – In Theaters 10/11


BaseballWhizz says:

Just saw it freakin best movie I ever saw

Erin Bosenberg says:

Counter narrative and interview with director Kaizer Matsumunyane on simplistic and insulting narrative being carried out in above film. Informative…found at website – Africa is a Country — posted on the 10th Oct. Really worth the read….if interested in actual story behind this hooplaaa.

PanicParadeKings says:

and Good News.. Im about to Graduate on Marine Engineering.. and Good Luck for me..

T.T I hate pirates.. 🙁

tony gomez says:

“Look at me, Look at me. I’m the captain Now.”

kelpo94 says:

It’s Remind me to a mission in MOH Warfighter 

jessy scott says:

What the hell is wrong with you?!!!

david martin says:

was on ddg96 during this

Tommy Sands says:

fuck you tom hanks

Jason D says:

I was thinking the same thing, but more along the lines of “Tom Hanks should play JFK in a movie” haha

ChaNayNayAnime says:


Matt Harden says:

Captain Phillips, I feel sick. *barf*

Crazormeter says:

Where’s Casey Ryback? :)

Fatuma Hashi says:

Once again least Hollywood can’t find Somalis to play Somalis ugh

HOTASSBABES420 . says:


MysticPsyche says:


Dman Mellow says:

And now… You may go and hate every skinny Somalian out there, this movie approves it. Be afraid, be very very afraid :/

MrFrigginAwesome says:

“But I’m talking about how the film is NOT portraying something that actually happened that paints a much different picture to this entire narrative” Oh so you saw the film? I thought it was coming out in October. How was it?

danny boyy says:

that’s fine you wanna talk about how the film portrays something that actually happened. But I’m talking about how the film is NOT portraying something that actually happened that paints a much different picture to this entire narrative, of how there is an entire back story behind it all. Congrats on the top comment…i can see most people are to damn close minded to see where I’m coming from & willfully gobble down everything main stream and Hollywood media has to offer with no questions.

danny boyy says:

no. AFRICA is exploited b/c of class, social, & corporate differences. Rape the resources, and hell with the people. Yes, race is the issue, b/c if it were not, the film would start off on how for 10 years, environmental & human rights organizations called on the international community to act to stop western corporations from dumping nuclear & chemically active waste on the shores of a poor black nation that has no coast guard, defense, or security. And thats how the Somali pirates were born..

Sam Lewis says:

I live in the same town as Captain Phillips (Underhill, VT), and I can tell you that nobody here talks like that. Why is Tom Hanks talking like John F. Kennedy?

mastercommanderjebus says:

Cast Away 2: Somalia

ctiffan says:

I wonder if the part about Cap’n Phillips INTENTIONALLY sailing into Somali pirate waters (and the subsequent lawsuits filed against him by his own crew because of that) will make it into this “inspiring”, oscar-baiting ham fest.

tt ky says:

spoiler: the big bad angry black men were killed by white american heroes

bottleshopjoshwh says:

called it.

MrFrigginAwesome says:

“truth is exaggerated is because these are poor blacks” what? lol, I was being a smart ass but I got the point. The point is that the pirates were fucked over by Western companies, dumping their waste and fishing in their waters. Then Somali took action by kidnapping people, and realized ransom money pays a lot more than fishing, so for some bullshit reason it’s okay to kidnap Tom Hank’s ship. This isn’t a political documentary. It’s a movie about this one situation that actually happened.

Andre Da Silva says:


mike mun says:

I hate all the niggers

davemaster1106 says:

i know exactly the motives and the story doesn’t change the fact that they WERE black. All i was saying is that you shouldn’t say the movie is racist for making the antagonist black when in real life they WERE black.

danny boyy says:

*myth. Calm down and do some research on the somali pirates history and motives before you start running your mouth. Everyone knows this actually happened.

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