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Captain Phillips – Pirate Attack


jeffsor47 says:

Climb back into your wet,humid, stench hole and wait for the flush.

abprepboy33 says:

for some reason I dont think that’s the reason they are hijacking the ship.

abprepboy33 says:

americans werent stealing anything…..and they could simply ask the americans to get out of their water without holding them for randsom as a punishment.


what is so Ignorant is that you are actually denying the truth

Egaal Osman says:

It happened in real life. This movie’s based on a real life incident. You must be very young.

Rid Z says:

lol but it still sounds kinda funny, not being rascist here.

TariqJacksonTV says:

looks öike a really exciting movie. tom hanks ftw!

Zain Lakhani says:

My point wasn’t about Americans in general… it was about the video (the movie) and obviously this movie isn’t about a ship that’s spilling toxic chemicals and stealing resources. For her to say “if you don’t want to get killed” like it’s Captain Phillips (and his crews) fault. Besides you can’t say all americans are stupid because maybe a few are doing wrong… all countries have people doing the wrong thing, that doesn’t mean they deserve to be killed

TheUSDictatorship says:

Somalian Pirates

Rid Z says:

african pirates?

uberblitzkrieg says:

congratulations to whoever made this for putting out a trailer that doesnt narrate and spoil the whole movie.

NuclearKittenVFX says:

i hear john powell in the music…wait its henry jackman

YoungShyne123 says:

he is speaking the truth , research what american company dump toxic chemicals near their lands

Zain Lakhani says:

That is so ignorant……

distortedlee89 says:

Starvin’ Marvin has had enough of your shit

Zoe Wright says:

Stupid Americans.. you dont want to get killed, get out of other countries waters and stealing their natural resources

Zack Yeager says:

Somalia has oil. 

daspoon456 says:

looks pretty intense

Ivan Rendon says:

Tom Hanks movie, gotta be awsome!

Lufafy Lafay says:

Captain Phillips
Starring: Tom Hanks, Catherine Keener, Max Martini
The film focuses on the relationship between the Alabama s commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips and his Somali counterpart, Muse.
Watch at

rbhavan says:

Tom Hanks would be great for the role of “Master Chief” if he got built. 

John Luo says:


danitz420 says:

I unsubscribed to movieclips trailer channel due to shits like this

Khal Kash says:

lol is this channel trying to get views

ottawadigs says:

looks like another flop

bf3ram says:


2hislopa says:

STFU bitch hahaha

withlotsabutta says:

Between playing “Capt. Phillips” and playing Walt Disney (both due out soon), looks like Oscar-time again for Tom Hanks.

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