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PyROphantasie says:

Should have covered how the real crew of the real ship say the actual “Captain Phillips” was completely incompetent and basically caused them to be attacked through complete negligence and completely ignoring safety protocols, actively caused them to be attacked.

hamrite says:

Great Stuff from Kim. A truth worsened by the slow revelation of how europe has dumped thousands of tons of toxic and poisoning material on and off the coast of Somalia and neighboring countries. A female Italian journalist was assassinated a few years ago in Somalia, she had been trying to report on a link between mafia from Italy bringing toxic waste and having it unloaded in Africa. The women and children who worked there got very sick, many kids born with malformations.

Drake Santiago says:


That was a great review, as usual. It is sad that a far more nuanced and independent foreign documentary, about the very same subject of ship hijacking, will be eclipsed by this big Hollywood production.

On another note, will you be doing a review of Robert Reich’s documentary, “Inequality for All”?

170324341a says:

love your reviews. thanks for this one.

jumar1281 says:

the problem is that the american people, generally speaking, are fucking retards. they couldn’t handle a movie with a little bit of truth, which in this case would be why the somali’s turned to piracy. they need a bad guy, they need somebody to look down upon to feel morally superior. they are unable to see that people across the world “hate america/the west” because of the crimes committed against their land and people. a movie that would have shown some truth would have failed miserably

kazooga1234 says:

thx for this ha bisky review i enjoyed it a lot

Orion X says:

Your reviews always help whenever i crave for meaningful films, thanks Kim.

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