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hodor x says:

thanks for the spoilers cunt

Cole Markusen says:

Always good to see reviews from ya. Great job! Will definitely have to check it out. Thank you!

Jason Stoesz says:

Dude, we get it, ok? How many times are you going to basically make the same comment/post? Are you trying to win the Internet today?

Jason Stoesz says:

What research was/is he supposed to do? he didn’t MAKE the fucking movie. He’s not writing a biography about the man. he went to a theater and saw it and is giving an opinion on the FILM, not the man. Get the fuck outta here with your “research” crap.

NiN Frail says:

No problem at all, I should have left the comment on the full episode in the first place… =) Anyway, at least I have the future episodes to look forward to!

Heath Brashier says:

Can a film still be good even if it’s not as true as it was purported to be?

Heath Brashier says:

I misunderstood what you were asking. Since this is just one segment of a full episode I thought you were looking for the full episode. Like Casey said, 1 – 4 were for backers.

ocrawford77 says:

Crew Members Say Captain Phillips’ Heroism is a Lie According to Phillips’ real life crew members, he was a bit of a d*ck. by Lucy O’Brien OCTOBER 14, 2013 SUBMIT TWEET SHARE +1 SHARE In the wake of the critical success of thriller-on-the-high-seas fable Captain Phillips, crew members under the command of the real Captain Phillips have said he was no hero, and the movie, touted as a true story, is taking great liberties with the truth.

ocrawford77 says:

Actually this movie is bullshit because the way they portray the captain fraudulent. Way to do your research Jeff.

VanishedDecoy says:

This is the first review on this movie that has really been able to verbalize why I love it. Kudos.

Casey Chourney says:

episodes 1-4 were only for his kickstarter backers. This is just one segment from the whole episode 5

NiN Frail says:

I’ve been subscribed to Jeff since back when TRS was still running strong… I see episode 5 was uploaded by him but no others.

Heath Brashier says:

NiN Frail, look at his channel uploads. The full episode this review is from can be found there. If you’d like future uploads to appear in your feed click on the “Subscribe” button under his name.

Frank Carrozza says:


NiN Frail says:

Is there somewhere that I can be watching the whole episodes? Or is this just a small preview of what’s to come?

RsBuzzy0016 says:

I stopped caring about Tom Hanks a long time ago.

MrOne2watch says:

upload out of order ?lol

Brian Anderson says:


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