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Captain Phillips Sneak Preview Trailer (2013) – Tom Hanks Movie HD


daspoon456 says:

the only reason they are addressed as seal team six is because not everyone in the audience is going to know what the fuck DEVGRU is. So get over it.

daspoon456 says:

this is what he gets for not trying hard enough to save Wilson. 

Jake Zhao says:

LOL turn on captions when watching this

Ben Skelly says:

I can’t wait to see this tommorow!

steve smith says:


eally partay says:

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Jonas Møller says:


msmithstud says:


Dori Queen says:

can’t wait to go see it! Tom Hanks is awesome!

magnoti1 says:

Somali Pirates eh. Any mention of the reasons why the former fisherman of the somali coast turned to piracy in the first place? Or are they just anonymous thugs. We’ll just to see.

TheMrPursuitHD says:

This movie is amazing, saw it today, worth a trip to your local cinema. 😀

Denver Dallas says:

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Naakomley Vanderpuye says:

Can’t wait to watch it here in GH

Wunder Waffe says:

That ending is bone-chilling.

faizeen wahab says:

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marbito garcia says:

“SEAL team 6 inbound” SMH……nobody refers to them as ST6.

nedobirdwere says:

look at me…look at me…i am tha captain of thiship naw

Derek Mckee says:

good to know

StoneMan699 says:

Alright buddy, I know you’re only doing this because you know you’ve dug yourself quite a hole, so I’ll be nice enough to let you off the hook with this one. Enjoy the movie.

LilATL94 says:

Plus, I’m not saying I’m an expert lolzomg I’m some professional that studies on SMUs and learns it from retarded videogames. No one here really is an expert. So why not we just end this and enjoy the upcoming movie this coming Friday shall we?

LilATL94 says:

Anything more, inb4 NOT IN THE DATABASE. And oh Don Shipley is the man. and RIP Devil of Ramadi.

I don’t need to thank you, this is the internet. And plus, videogames? lol sure it may be on my profile but I’m lazy to even edit. Welp, I am indeed the biggest anti-mainstream guy here. Also question, are you into NSWDG’s SOP of gear or such? Like CP NJPCs in AOR1, or HK45CTs, or other gear by LBT in AOR1? I’m not preaching intelligence, I just find it cheesy with Team Six “nowadays”

StoneMan699 says:

Reading something on the internet/playing video games doesn’t make you an expert. Perhaps gain a bit more insight into the military?

Here is Don Shipley referring to it as Team 6:

Here is Chris Kyle referring to it as Team 6:

If you would like me to link you to DoD contracts in regards to all SEAL teams including 6, just let me know. Show me a SEAL that calls it DEVGRU and I’ll happily send you $1000. Don’t preach intelligence.

LilATL94 says:

Anything more? This is pretty funny btw just by observing you and such.

StoneMan699 says:

Wow, you must be really stupid.

Patnil70 says:

Well I just assumed you where all worked up over the movie itself. I didn’t think anyone could be that kind of an passionated fanboy over a simple trailer alone. Guess I was wrong.

Dunergy Bass says:

Black Tom..Black

Niko Mokalis says:

At what point did I say you disliked this movie? You just didn’t see a 2 hour movie in two minutes (most of which was covered in citations form reviews), I’m just calling bullshit, that’s all.

Patnil70 says:

You amuse me with this “leave Britney alone” thing you got going for this movie. Either you have some personal relation to the production or the IRL background story, or you need to get out more. In any case, I have never stated that the movie will be bad. Maybe that will help you sleep better at night.

ford5522 says:

LMAO ! Buckwheat ! Get a life Obama can’t lead his dog ! His only strength is Wasting money, lying his ass off and taking a vacation ! Anything other then that is a huge stretch of your warped imagination ! Now back to your corner ,sit on your stool and put your pointed hat back on ! LMAO ! Military leader ? Now that is funny !

StoneMan699 says:

Yes that’s generally what the “public” refers to. 

Niko Mokalis says:

well there’s gonna be 2 hours of never before seen footage in the film that will probably be better than these two movies so you can miss out if you want. hyperbole and smart-ass comments irritate me, but it’s minimal energy spent

BigLRestInPeace says:

Hope he finds Wilson :)

Jugurtha Hadjar says:

By “the public”, you mean civilians.

Tawna Kary says:

AMAZING MOVIE, Ive seen at:

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