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Captain Phillips | Video Movie Review

Damn Somalians, you scary! Listen to our full uncensored audio review of Captain Phillips at: JOIN US at Spill – F…

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sensur1 says:

Damn Cyrus, You scary!

Stinkah Bell says:

Back to the classic format!

Wesley Hunt says:

Yeah! the animation is back, for a second there I thought they ran out of money

Wesley Hunt says:

Captain’s doody XD

samfisher170 says:

Gravity and this movie OSCAR WATCH

fungusmonkey says:

Actually myself and another animator named Tyler do the animation.

MrKeim1 says:

The animation in this video was goood.

BigBadBeef says:

How much did they pay you to sweet talk this movie?

Solo Lay says:

Please do Prisoners.

Matthew Cust says:

What was your first movie review

cjcool91 says:


tropicAces says:

I found no flaws in this film. Ending was emotionally draining and put a lump in my throat.

RandomMindz says:

When I went to the theaters, it was to see The Butler

The trailers they showed included 12 Years of Slavery, and Fruitdale. A couple of important african american films….

THEN the trailer to THIS film comes out….talk about ruining the mood!!

Speedy_Spectrum says:

I want thirty million

Jon Don says:

Movie was incredible, i agree with you guys it’s a high full price (: movie of the year for me, way better than gravity and even better than fruitvale station

SpillGamerMikeTV says:

It’s Korey not Corey guys.

JWUniverse says:

Ahh cool thanks man. 🙂

Vasquez88 says:

The Wilson 3000 at the end gave me a good laugh. And Korey’s Somali eyes too. 🙂

Nick Kunwar says:

Lol, Wilson!!!

FathomLordKarathr says:

Corey actually dose all the animation

gamerfreak48 says:

i would pay 7.50 to see tom hanks get saved by wilson that would be epic and heart touching that wilson came back for him XD lol

SikforSenses says:

Nope, that’s correct 🙂

spoonlolol2 says:

I think its Corey who does the animation, someone can correct me if they know the real answer

Polaris431 says:

Question: The IMBd reviews are often rigged by movie producers to up the rating for ticket sales. IMDd ratings cannot often be trusted. I’m thinking of making a mobile app that lets users pick reviewers that they trust and average their ratings to come up with a more realistic IMDb rating that helps users decide whether a movie is worth seeing. Does this sound like a good idea for an app?

gmknight77 says:

Was Co-Host aiming for Cyrus, Leon, or Both? You Decide !!!

Araghid says:

Yes they did. TLC did it also, eventhough they are part of the Discovery Network.

Araghid says:

The true story
mebaunion (dot) org (forward slash) WHATS-NEW (forward slash) The_Real_Story_of_the_MAERSK_ALABAMA (dot) pdf

Karamanidi1991 says:

A shame you didn’t put the joke about the crew talking shit about the captain, that was hilarious in the audio review 😉

avery986961 says:

Review gravity

Ian DiLorenzo says:

Matt Damon!

Ian DiLorenzo says:

Matt Damon!

Ian DiLorenzo says:

Matt Damon…

Ian DiLorenzo says:

Matt Damon…

Gabriell Bishop says:

What? these reviews are great! what are you talking about?

Paul Salmen says:

The audio review is on their site.

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