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Captain Phillips (Starring Tom Hanks) Movie Review


oldmoviemusic says:

It’s their opinions, do they need to change their own views to fit your subjective view of a movie to please you? Sounds pretty fucking stupid and contradictory of what you seem to want. You wan’t critics to be less predictable with their low ratings and be more predictable in lines with the average persons higher ratings

whatupkays says:

the pirates scream so much because that plant they’re chewing on is a stimulant. so they’re all wound up on that upper, then when they run out of it (in the lifeboat) they start going into withdrawals which makes them scream even more. i didn’t realize that until after i saw the picture, but it makes sense now and it’s actually very realistic.

ou81twoz says:

what a waste of Tom Hanks, I was so bored it was ridiculous. And where on earth did they get these pirates, it was obviius they were reading them their lines. their broken english was not acting, c’mon.

kbros9698 says:

It’s their opinions and they aren’t supposed to please you.

Blacktolite says:

and here you should know i don’t give a fuck what you think

boyscouthunting says:

What really upsets me is that seemingly intelligent broadcasters such as BenMankiewicz have accepted the official story.Thereare plenty of sources and info domestically and internationally thatdispute the official story and points toCIA fashioning Al Qaeda.EvenBobGraham,a formerUS Senator wrote in his book Intelligence Matters that at least two of the alleged911 terrorist were being tracked and monitored inCalfiornia(but somehow the FBI lost track of them,yeah right,theNSA was on vacation).

thePANDEMlC says:

It’s their opinions, do they need to change their own views to fit your subjective view of a movie to please you? Sounds pretty fucking stupid and contradictory of what you seem to want. You wan’t critics to be less predictable with their low ratings and be more predictable in lines with the average persons higher ratings.

MadoremReturns says:

I’m a bigger fan of India’s biggest star Otm Shank

kenbefound says:

Thank you! What always freaks me out about 911 is how building 7 on the twin tower campus spontaneously collapses like a controlled demolition. Yet no authority or the general population questions it…in a healthy democracy one must question everything, especially things that make NO sense.

conduit99 says:

Tom Hanks shouldn’t have signed up for this role for the fact that it’s dangerous Propaganda. Judging from the review I’m sure the movie doesn’t mention almost 20 years of illegal foreign industrial fishing in Somali waters,as well as western Toxic waste dumping. Moreover, just 3 years prior to when this situation occurred (2006) the U.S. funded & armed Ethiopia to invade Somalia,& a destructive warcrime ridden foreign military occupation ensues to this day(with various christian african armies)

turo9992000 says:

I remember that the navy seals double tapped the pirates.

Hobus Tobus says:

I’m getting tired of these critics’ low ratings. Captain Philips has an 8.6 overall average rating for critics on RT. These critics consistently give lower ratings to movies than what most people believe they deserve.

Edward Black says:

I wonder if they go into why they did it.

Oliver Watkinson says:

Didn’t the Captain ignore warnings to sail further away from Somalia to lessen the risk of a pirate attack? He also admitted in his book that he didn’t give himself up as a hostage he was simply just taken as a hostage. Well done Hollywood. Distorting facts to make an ‘inspiring’ movie. The Captain got himself and the rest of his crew into a dangerous situation through his own recklessness and has now likely made a lot of money being portrayed as the hero.

CokeFizzPop says:

Except they both agreed with Alonso’s point, and Christy not only had other negative things to say about the film, but also gave it a lower score than him.

boyscouthunting says:

Great director? What’s up with the shakey-cam in the Bourne films? He made the fight scenes look like a cheap student project.

boyscouthunting says:

“Everyone knows what happened” with Flight 93. We don’t know what happened, what we do know is the official story. Flight 93 directed by Paul Greenglass = Propaganda.

Philip Petrunak says:

I’d be depressed about it, but the fact that you and I can recognize such things is much more uplifting to me. We live in society where we are growing closer, and learning more about how people all around the world are just people. Not heroes and gods or villains and devils. The fact that you and I, and an increasing number of regular, average people understand this is a grand, beautiful, and astounding thing.

ecoolio93 says:

Paul greengrass is a great director. Can’t wait to see this

joobiejoojoo says:

I love how what the flick always uses the “this isn’t a spoiler because we know what happened blah blah blah” thing to spoil it for everyone who doesn’t know. Why not just not spoil the ending ever?

Mr.Sheen says:

Richard Roeper (THE BEST MOVIE REVIEWER EVER) gave this movie an A+, but of course the always cynical loser of Alonso Duralde has to find some bullshit dumb detail to dislike a movie. Ben and Christy should do the reviews alone!

Exkhaniber says:

Well I’d use the word “depressing”. But yes, otherwise I agree.

QAS Basilica says:

The opening scene is very key if you are conscious of Greengrass’ past film. On the whole, “Captain Phillips” picks up where “Green Zone” left off in the failure of dialogue between two different cultures – but if you take into consideration “United 93”, then the opening scene fits. But for anyone just walking into this film, it does come off as an obvious calm before the storm.

Philip Petrunak says:

It’s astounding how often that is the case, isn’t it?

Exkhaniber says:

Anybody remember when this whole thing was big in the news, and the crew came out to news outlets and reported that the captain had been repeatedly warned to NOT take that specific route through pirate territory because of confirmed pirates in the area? Remember how he did so anyway to shave a day off transit time?

Yeah, Tom Hanks probably shouldn’t have signed on to this role. The guy was reckless and nearly got his crew killed or captured. He was an idiot, not a hero.

Guggy Ris says:

I haven’t forgotten Christy’s dark night returns rating. What a shame that was!

moviedude22 says:

I seriously respect Alonzo as film critc his points can’t be disputed

moviedude22 says:

err uhh — tom hanks doing his best john f kennedy through out …

Duale Ahmed says:

Somalis can be anything you name it! – Good job! my fellow Somali-American.

basquat76 says:

I’ve seen the Danish which was fantastic. Mainly because it was so realistic, and i definetly recommend it

Dylan Sumner says:

That is not a documentary. Its just redarded.

aimonaali says:

And here we can see the importance of punctuation.

Blacktolite says:

Hollywood lies 95% of the time Somali pirates don’t hurt or kill hostages.

David Dominguez says:

Fuck Ron Paul!

Mike Carinum says:

After watching the documentary “Loose change” the flight 93 movie kind of felt like a bummer.

TheUSDictatorship says:


Mike Carinum says:

United 93 was a great movie?

Nick Doyle says:

i remember when fucking SNL made a funny skit about the actual event. it was cool. it was actually mediocre. arent people in Phoenix, Phoenicians ?


I’d love to see a good old fashioned dispassionate documentary of this subject.
Too bad that seems to be a lost art at the cable channels that used to do that type of work.
As it is I’ll skip this instance of Western Civilization dramatically slapping itself on the back.
I’ve been watching this kind of manly propaganda since the 60s when soldiers and cowboys were all over TV, and I’ve lost the ability to ignore how obviously my emotional chains are being yanked.
ET fine, Shindler’s List no.

casskim says:

How can he be wrong about his PERSONAL opinion.

Zachman113812 says:

The Alonso ass meter lol

JozieLeePro says:

Just can’t get excited about this one.

kathicII says:

Your A’s lost Ben. Go Tigers!

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