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Captain Richard Phillips Interview for CAPTAIN PHILLIPS


TOJO J says:

Hell yes!!

MoviesGamesAndShit says:

I guess the fold-out couch bit wasn’t going to work.

Danny Box says:

Man screw youtube videos, you need a show ASAP!

Bam Lyndon says:

I’m going to pirate the movie. I think it’s only appropriate.

deathbyslipknot says:

Holy shit! What’s up Dan? 😀

DJ Venezuela says:

I did a double take when I saw this comment… Hi I”m not Dan

philisacoolguy1 says:

At the end of the video Jake asked that question. The Captain says it is not a new route. Those same members rode that route before the movie they were fine then. Also they noted in the movie the whole area is pirate infested, so unless they left the continent completely, they were still under piracy threats. 

norbo norebo says:

Crew members say this Captain is arrogant regarding pirates. He sails too close to the Somalia coast. And the same black., African warlord who caused the Black Hawk down episode is running these pirates. He gives them narcotic leaves to chew on so they have no fear of anything.

Danny Peel says:

Cool, Captain McLiarface.

yamisupersaiyan says:

Why no Tom Hanks here 🙁

united70sam says:

plz if u have interviewd Sly & Arnold for Escape plan.. do upload it !

MetallicA7X92 says:

the actual crew members that were on that ship all said Phillips was an a**hole and nothing like Tom Hanks portrays him in the movie, also there is alot of mistakes.. In the movie Capt. Phillips gives himself up to be taken hostage, but crew members says that he just was taken at coincidence. Kinda made the movie alot less interesting to me.

DanzNewzMachinima says:

Wow, it really seems Tom Hanks was the perfect person to portray Captain Phillips… he sounds/looks just like him!

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