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Celebrity-in-chief: Obama finds time to tweet about the Oscars!/BarackObama/status/305832039184207872

The man’s got his priorities.

What about these gas prices tho? RT @barackobama: Happy #Oscars night.…

— Ms. Yurman (@Naaannnniiii) February 25, 2013

@barackobamaand right after the Oscars, you’ll tend to that pesky budget, right?

— GranTweets2 (@GranTweets2) February 25, 2013

trillions of dollars in debt RT @barackobama: Happy #Oscars night.…

— Patrick (@PeeAyeTee_) February 25, 2013

Never saw a President publicly announce he was watching the Oscars. Ever. That means you @barackobama. Focus on some real issues you idiot #

— Patrick Bowen (@PBowen4) February 25, 2013

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