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Cents sense.


SynicalPotato says:

That’s beautiful.

stanblueberry says:

Someone had a lot of time on their hands, but since time is money, that’s OK.

kwiwen says:

This makes cents. +1.

kmizzle says:

Spiral of a poor artist? Thats a bunch of quarters, I would “accidentally” sweep it into a duffle bag.

alphabitter says:

Got any spare change, man?

Dcrott says:

Got a bit of free time do you?

itsnotatrap says:

I would rather do anything but have to construct that. My laziness can’t handle all that tediousness!

SonnyWho1972 says:

Ruin your club. Why?

TheOnlyUsernameLeft says:

So a smaller penny one would only cost $14

CameronHarrison says:

can see the sticks holding it up in background

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