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CEO ISHA Take Me Back


Mitchell Jordan says:

Clark ill be postin more songs leading up to the Mixtape which drops in
August stay tuned @ clark

Msjberry99 says:

This isn’t too bad, except i can’t here you:/ but sounds good anyway cuz:P

Mitchell Jordan says:

Thanks couch Larry!

Mitchell Jordan says:

Get your fake ass label

Gregory Lopez says:


Mitchell Jordan says:

U mad

Mitchell Jordan says:

Off of my page. Now. It’s so petty when other artists hate man.

Genevieve Hayes says:

The beat, and lyrics are great. The recording isn’t that good though.

Ryan Vuitton says:

Maybe if you’d take the cock out of your mouth we could understand you
“rapping” about being a small town “hustla”, give up. You aren’t going to
make it. And don’t let this be motivation to another shitty ass song

Mitchell Jordan says:

thanks for the feedback my equipemnt isnt the best but im tryin it all out
! stay tuned for the next song. whered you find this song at?

highmusicrecords says:

Views and likes are fake af lol

Mitchell Jordan says:


Mitchell Jordan says:

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