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CHEROKEE BUCKSKIN: How to skin, buck, stretch, flesh, dehair, brain tan, and smoke an animal pelt for use as clothing material. A little history. The American Holocaust. God and the Cherokee.

Reading Cherokee Buckskin will help you develop a valuable skill that less than one in a hundred thousand or more people have today. With every generation that dies off, our families, our societies, and the world lose increasingly scarce historical information about basic subsistence prior to the machine age and the digital age. How did our great-great-grandfathers and grandmothers provide food, shelter, and clothing for their families without a job, without stores everywhere, without money? Indigenous peoples all over the world knew these same skills that made them truly independent and self-sufficient. While you can find articles about brain-tanning by searching the internet, this is the way my grandmother and great-grandmother taught me brain-tanning sixty years ago and I want to share it with you before it’s too late.

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