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Close the Deal: 120 Checklists for Sales Success

Deep and Sussman’s Smart Moves and Smart Moves for People in Charge gave readers checklists for climbing the corporate ladder and taking on leadership tasks. Now, teamed with one of the country’s premiere sales-training firms, they apply the same popular, practical approach to a vital task for any organization: selling. Whether you’re introducing a product, marketing your small business’s services, or selling your boss on a new idea, you’ll benefit from checklists like these: Seven Fears All Buyers Share Thirteen Ways to Warm Up to Cold Calling Ten Different Ways to Set Your Asking Price Eight Questions to Help You Sell with Integrity For training, troubleshooting, and a quick review before every important call, sales professionals will be sold on Smart Moves for Selling.Close the Deal is bursting with hot leads for sales pros looking to sharpen their skills and win more customers. Authors Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman show how to capture sales without being pushy or arrogant. Deep, a consultant from Pittsburgh, and Sussman, a management professor at the University of Louisville, believe that the essence of selling is sticking to a system. “Masterful sales professionals are neither lucky nor gifted,” they write. “They do not dream, wish or hope for victory. They go out and make it happen.” The book is based on programs developed at the Sandler Sales Institute, a noted Maryland firm that trains thousands of sales professionals around the country. The authors contend that three keys to successful selling are asking the right questions, making supportive presentations, and finding exactly how to eliminate roadblocks or “pain” for customers. “There is only one reason you will sell anything: your ability to reduce a buyer’s pain,” the authors write. “You can’t reduce pain if you don’t know what it is. Buyers will tell you if you ask correctly.” The book is easy to read and full of practical advice and tips. The authors provide 120 lists on topics like “Fifteen Steps to Better Listening,” “Seven Fears all Buyers Have,” and “Fourteen Ingredients of a Winning Proposal.” Salespeople will find a powerful ally in Close the Deal. The book is a blueprint for finding and analyzing buyers, determining their needs, and getting the sale. –Dan Ring

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  • 120 Checklists for sales success

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Awesome Book This is a great book, I have worked in sales all my life, from selling kitchens, cable plans,products, retail and have yet to find a better source than this one. Before I bought this book I was skeptical from reading all of the other reviews, and thought that it really wouldn’t help me, but decided to buy it out of curiosity. So after being in sales for so long the bottom line for each and every person is to walk away with a relationship or a check. Many times neither happens. I have to say…

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More bullet points than checklists

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