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CNN: Are ads out of touch with reality?


kenfo0 says:

@mindfreak061 HAHAHAHAHA. You stupid jackass. YOU are so typical: a
loud-mouthed, stupid a-hole who cannot read. NOTHING I said supports a
“consumer society” you uneducated jackass. What a loser. Why isn’t your
face punched in yet? Don’t know who your daddy is?

kenfo0 says:

@mindfreak061 shut up retard. tell your father to punch you in the face for
having a big mouth.

kenfo0 says:

NO! To govt telling me what I may and may not see, say or hear. Keep your
march to communist oppression in the formerly great britain.

Jon Gee says:

duh. So are all media “journalists” and the opinions of pundits.

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