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Cocoanut Grove Survivors Tell Their Stories


cylinder4ify says:

Only good thing to me was that tasty menu @ 2:50

Ravensbread says:

My Dad was a Boston Firefighter ( Ladder 12, Engine13, Columbus Ave.) He
was on duty that night and spoke of the tragedy and of the people trapped
in the revolving door and the fact that the exits opened inwardly. This is
a very moving and well made documentary. Thank heaven that lessons were
learned from this holocaust… but Oh! the painful price to so many.

Kiki Lang says:

People must love their coats back then. A bunch of people die, and what
they remember is their cool coats.

Harrington Group, Inc. says:

70 years after the deadliest nightclub fire in history, three survivors of
Cocoanut Grove tell their story:

Mike M says:

the are new laws put in place as a result of this horrific disaster. The
lessons learned from this disaster. Greatly improve public safety. There
are many businesses today that still disregard the lessons learned from
disasters like this. Be it a natural or man-made disaster, we all must be
vigilant and aware of those who do not heed his lessons from past disasters
like this. The loss of innocent should not be in vain. But should stand as
a testament to the importance of exits, means of egress, a way to get out,
be it a fire, an earthquake, acts of violence or any tragic events that
could lead to a panic and chaos. The exit doors must be always ready
available adequate and unobstructed at all times.
Michael McGrath
Spokesperson for the website Home Depot 911

LittleLulubee says:

I love that the men back then were such gentlemen, helping the women.

Seattle354 says:

Great video. I’ve just recently discovered and have been studying the
Cocoanut Grove fire, what a huge tragedy. Thanks for making these
historical interviews available in videos like this. A terrible loss of
life, at least through this, some major changes have happened with fire
codes (fireproofing, revolving, inward swing doors and more).

martinmax69 says:

So sad yet extremely fascinating to hear the stories,Thank-you for the
up-load.Most impressive.

jjlwis says:

oh my goodness. what a story from the past… thank you so much survivors
for your story of a horrible incident!

TheJWF311 says:

National Fire Protection Association

rogerneon says:

Great coverage of a horrible tragedy. Whenever you see a revolving door,
notice that there is always a regular door right next to it. As you look at
that door, remember those who were killed and injured at the Cocoanut
Grove, and how it took a tragedy of this scale to make such a simple
precaution mandatory.

kevin chagnot says:

then after that the Hartford Circus Fire happened and no one knows how that
started, some say it was a spotlight some say arson,some thing the Germans
and some think it was a ciggarette thrown on the sidewall of the tent

Skillfeather says:

No Free Publications Allowed


What is NFPA stands for?

Cathianne1 says:

It is a shame the the nightclub in Warwick RI, The Station, did not learn
for this horrific event.

secretname1000able says:

Well said. I agree. It is interesting but so upsetting to hear these types
of stories. The portrayal of events of this sort don’t need any
sensationalization, as the stories themselves are tragic and eventful
enough on their own. RIP those lost (and those who survived, as many of
them have now died of natural and assorted causes).

Jeff B says:

Fire just happens. Just remember when you enter any large event to check
out the exits and keep them in mind. I survived a theater fire because I
knew just where to go. No one was killed, but the panic was pretty scary.
To know how to just get up from your seat without saying anything and
heading toward the exit will save your life.

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