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Community Post: 10 Incredible Images From NASA’s Supernova Sunday

Who needs football? The real stars were blazing up in space.

1. Are you ready for some mass ejection? A Sunday night party!

2. Two of the universe’s top nebulae battled for interstellar glory.

4. Some went wild for the hot draft pick. We love you Eta Carinae!

5. Though he faced some tabloid fodder this season, the rookie was given a chance to shine on Sunday night, and did not disappoint.

6. The halftime show was out of this world. “We see your Katy Perry and raise you a real shooting star.”

A shooting star halftime show? See a real shooting star from @Space_Station: #SB49 #SuperBowl


7. Who would rise above the rest?

‘Horse head’ of nebula is part of a larger cloud of dust: #superbowl #supernovasunday #sb49


8. Who would be green with envy?

How will the big game end? Echoes of a stellar ending on #SupernovaSunday: #superbowl #sb49


9. The universe held its collective breath.

Meanwhile, 20K light years away, a supernova w/ a lot of O2: #superbowl #supernovasunday #sb49


10. Until the night reached its dramatic conclusion, and the crowd pulsed with energy.

Game’s over & so is #SupernovaSunday. We hope you enjoyed it! Crab Nebula: #SuperBowl #SB49


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