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Community Post: 10 Magical Disney Proposals That You Will Envy

1. The Flashmob Proposal

This Downtown Disney proposal has been all over the Internet and we can see why! This choreographed flashmob proposal has us swooning each time we watch it. I mean really you can tell this girl is super surprised. Oh the magic of Disney…

2. The Forest Engagement

You’ll need to skip to about 4:30 because it starts off a little slow, but you will not be disappointed. Can I have a copy of that Disney love scene compilation he used to propose with? Did he plan out the weather for this too? Seriously perfect.

3. The Caricature Surprise

Disney guests, Ben Landaal and Paige Lawton, have a piece of art they’ll always treasure. Landaal surprised his girlfriend with a surprise proposal at Downtown DIsney Marketplace. He made arrangements with Airbrush Caricatures ahead of time to construct a proposal piece, not your everyday portrait. When the artists finished the piece they turned it around and Ben got down on one knee, and of course Paige said yes! This is so creative I can’t even deal.

Seriously though how cute is this!?

4. The At Home Disney Proposal

Holt wanted to give his girlfriend Ashley a Disney proposal, but couldn’t get to the park. So, he brought Disney to her!

Complete with a slew of Disney characters, fitting music and a firework finale, this 11 minute video is worth watching. If fairytale romances aren’t your thing, there’s quite a few ginger jokes involved, but I think you’ll be entertained enough by this detailed proposal.

5. The Clue Filled Engagement

This may be my favorite proposal so far. Loved that he had photo clues for her! This Disneyland proposal was simple and sweet. I loved that Amy prepared for her proposal with a little lip gloss, girl has her priorities in order. Respect.

6. A Push Proposal

If you know your Disney stuff, you know about Push the talking trashcan who floats around Tomorrowland. The cute little trashcan helped Mark carry out his not so planned proposal. Props on playing some Whitney Houston after the proposal Push!

7. A Promise From Peter Pan

I mean really, some of these proposals are straight out of the Disney vault. This girl had an infatuation with Peter Pan since childhood, then her boyfriend was cast as Peter in a play! What are the chances? This proposal themed, and on a boat, and excellent in every way.

8. A Turtle Talk Proposal

This unique Disney proposal features Crush from Finding Nemo! He invites them right up to the glass so Ethan can make the moment special. The magic of Disney really blows my mind. How many people can say a fictional character set up their engagement? Too cool.

9. The Musical Proposal

This guy is so thorough. He proposed to his girlfriend a year after they met. Where did they meet? Disneyland obviously! It is actually like a scene from a Broadway musical. Try to watch this without smiling I dare you.

10. The Royal Cinderella Proposal

Complete with a glass slipper and an evening in Cinderella’s castle, this proposal is everything any princess could want. I’m getting really jealous watching all of these Disney proposals, where’s mine?!

Oh and incase you’re reading this and thinking I NEED TO PLAN A DISNEY PROPOSAL RIGHT NOW, you can simply call a Disney Dream Maker at (407) 939-4438 No this isn’t an infomercial..

Now that you’re probably crying (from all the love you’ve just watched or because you’re single) grab a tissue and don’t give up hope. Someday your prince will come!

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