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Community Post: 11 Reasons Why The Bald Eagle Is Too Much America For You To Handle

1. Grabbing food straight out of nature = AMERICA

“Nature wasn’t eating that fish, was it? No? Didn’t think so…”

2. See! Now that’s a bear who’s been endowed with the idea of democracy

“Time to rid my bear colony of its aimless anarchy!”

3. Recognizing the beauty in others, even if they are different from us!

4. Spreading freedom* across this great land of ours

*Which may or may not take the form of urine

5. This magnificent beast should seriously consider becoming Captain America’s sidekick

Lose ‘The Falcon’, Captain. Seriously.

6. What screams AMERICA louder than getting a fist bump from Stephen Colbert?

Answer: A bald eagle in heat. They’re so damn loud, you have no idea…

7. Master of air, land, AND SEA?!

Don’t be a SEAL, be an EAGLE.



The eagle defends America’s name by ripping the enemy’s face off with its talons. What do you do to defend your country’s name, you talon-less being?


Even though America may have its fair share of haters, they’re still going to keep doing what they set out to do regardless.

11. A chilling photograph taken in a military cemetery in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Star Tribune / Via

The bald eagle represents the freedom, justice, and independence that were embodied by those who have come before us and those who are still with us today. Today, we should take a brief moment out of our day to remember those who have countlessly fought for these values throughout history for a brighter future for generations to come. To me, this photo perfectly illustrates America as “the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”.

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