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Community Post: 12 Gems Of Truth From The “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills”

1. On indulging yourself:

Alright, it might not be Birkins for you, but go ahead and get those Forever 21 tank tops in every color!

2. On dieting:

Kale-infused Snickers, anyone?

3. On materialism:

4. On networking:

Really it’s just good business.

6. On self awareness:

Show a little appreciation towards your underlings.

7. On photo etiquette:

Got that, Miley?

8. On kindness towards strangers:

And let’s be real, they don’t deserve it.

9. On personal presentation:

No one cares how much you work with your hands, pleb.

10. On keeping your composure:

It’s just not practical. Hold it together, girl.

11. On mending a broken heart:

Retail therapy works for everyone.

12. On alcohol:

Liquor before beer, in the clear…although I imagine they’re not serving PBR at the rooftop party.

Now go out and enjoy your #fabuluxe life!

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