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Community Post: 12 Reasons Why Your Morning Commute Seems Like The Journey Of A Lifetime

1. You leave the house thinking, “I got this.”

2. Put on your favorite music to keep you company.

3. Sometimes, you even crack open a window to feel the wind (exhaust fumes) in your face.

4. Nothing can stop you now.

5. Then you realize, “Wait, why is the driver in front of me driving so slowly?”

So annoying!!!

6. It may be an older driver.

“Slow down, kids. Smell the roses.”

7. Or worse, a texter!

Texting while driving? Really? Fuck you!

8. “Aw, shit. The light’s red.”


9. Spot a hottie in the Jeep next to your car.

10. The light turns green but you slowly realize you are stuck in a traffic jam.

“Shit” and “fuck” can’t even describe your emotions anymore.

11. Just when you think that you are going to die in your car, traffic starts moving.

Praise Baby Jesus.

This is how you look by the end of the ordeal.

12. Congratulations! You made it. Bet you can’t wait to start all over again tomorrow.

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