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Community Post: 17 Ways You Know You’re A Teacher

1. Your hands often look like this…

2. You find pencils and pens in your hair hours after you’ve left school.

(But your hair never looks this good)

3. Your weekends are spent grading, planning, or preparing.

4. You can eat lunch in 10 minutes or less.

Usually while making copies, responding to emails, or attending a meeting. Perhaps all three at the same time.

5. Sunday nights be like…

6. But Friday nights be like….

(Usually at about 7pm.)

7. You’d basically do anything to keep students interested.

8. You never go a day without this.

9. Your desk looks like this:

10. You’ve learned to “hold it” for unnaturally long stretches of time.

11. This turns you on:

12. And THIS.

14. OH, BABY!

15. When people say, “You’re so lucky to get the whole summer off!”

Or, just refer them back to #3 on this list.

16. But you keep doing it because their success feels like your success.

17. And let’s face it. They’re the best part.

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