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Community Post: 20 Reasons Why The Seagull Is The Worst Bird In Existence

1. They shoplift

2. They steal from small children

3. They rob cats

4. They ruin picnics

5. They steal consumer electronics

6. They steal donuts right out of someone’s mouth

7. They steal right out of penguins’ mouths

8. They steal from you when they think you’re not looking

9. They steal and don’t even clean up the mess they make

10. They steal cookies

11. They try to steal your angry birds plushies and end up dropping them on the ground

12. They spill food everywhere

13. They steal from cool dogs

14. They steal Doritos

15. They have no idea how to eat ice cream

16. They steal hamburgers

17. They steal fish all the time and just think it’s no big deal

18. They steal Cheetos

19. You give them a ride in your pickup truck and all they do is steal your cutlery

20. They steal steaks. Like a seagull even knows how to cook a damn steak.

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