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Community Post: 3 Awesome Techniques For Cooking With Steam

1. Okay, so, in this modern age, there are things we know about food that we may not have known 50 years ago.

2. There are things we probably shouldn’t eat.

3. There are things we probably shouldn’t eat as much of, like butter, red meat

4. We now think about #meatlessmonday.

Thanks, goop!

5. But this shouldn’t make you upset or sad.

6. Because there are still so many delicious things to eat that are good for you too!

7. One of the best ways to cook healthier food is STEAM.

8. You could steam in a pot or pan…

9. Or in one of these things…

10. Or in the microwave…

11. OR you could try one of these three ways to make the most impressive and coolest steamed foods.

12. Steam in banana leaves. / Via Alta Editions

(This is arctic char with sofrito.) / Via Alta Editions

The banana leaf infuses a bit of flavor. / Via Alta Editions

And the presentation is beautiful.

15. Try a pressure cooker. / Via Laurent Gras: My Provence

Making this Saffron Chicken Pilaf with Arugula Pistou isn’t a bad place to start.

16. Steam “en papillote” (in parchment) if you want to see jaws drop. / Via Laurent Gras: My Provence

No, really, you will be blown away by the sensory assault of opening up a parchment parcel of freshly steamed food.

17. Keep in mind: Steaming isn’t just for vegetables!

18. So, get creative with your techniques, have fun with your food, and do something that is good for you!

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