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Community Post: 41 Patriotic Pics Of Puppies Ready For The 4th Of July

1. When dressing for an occasion, it is important to wear appropriately sized accessories.


These guys know they look good.

3. If your prop is too large, it may make you appear smaller in comparison.


…and you never want your wiener to look small.

6. Similarly, choosing too small of attire may lead others to believe you are actually a giant.


Although there is something to be said for the “understated” look.

9. Gentlemen, if you got swag, you better bring it


Bro has that look DOWN.

13. …Because you know the b*tches will be dressed to impress!

Whatchu know about a peplum skirt?


Throwing some shade at you other girls.

16. Seriously. We’re talking body paint.


That’s COMMITMENT right there!

18. It’s always important to dress for the weather..


I’ll take a side of attitude with that hat!

21. ..and to pace yourself- take a nap if you get too worn out.


Do try to keep a smile on your face though, don’t want to ruin the party mood.

24. Remember, there is such a thing as trying TOO hard!


We’ll go ahead and blame your owner for this one.

28. If you’re too shy to dress up all on your own, recruit friends.


Probably would have been better if you both skipped this one though.

32. Really, the more the merrier!

34. Pose with a patriotic background, and you’ll be ready for your closeup!

36. No time for a costume? You can never go wrong carrying the ol’ stars and stripes


Never too young to love your country.

41. So this 4th of July, have fun, and let your flag fly- no matter how you choose to do it!

Maybe not like that though.

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