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Community Post: 8 Counterproductive Things We Do In Our Lives

8. Making Up With Your Friend and Then Talking Behind His/Her Back.

Two women talking smack. / Via

We’ve all done it. We kiss and make up with a friend, but then once he or she is not looking, we go right back to talking crap about the person. BTW, men (straight or gay) are no different than women.

7. Trashing Reality Television Shows and Then Watching.

Reality Shows / Via

If you watch an awful show reality television show, own up to it. Don’t trash the television show and the people who watch them openly and then go home and watch it and call it your “guilty pleasure” when someone finds out. It just makes you look like a bitch.

6. Saying You’re Definitely NOT Racist and Saying You Could Never Date Someone from a particular race.

Avenue Q / Via

Own up to it; you may have a little touch of racism in you. It doesn’t necessarily make you a terrible person. You may just have a strong preference toward a particular race. Even Avenue Q characters, Princeton, Kate, Gary, Brian, and Christmas Eve, sang the song “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist.”

5. Portraying Yourself as a “goody goody” when clearly you are not.

Taylor Swift / Via

Let’s just face it. You’re a whore. Presenting yourself with a wholesome image when your history says otherwise is not going to work out. Some other whore plagued with the “hussy” label will eventually call you out.

4. Exercising and then binge eating.

Girl Having Issues / Via

You didn’t earn that plate of cookies after your workout. Settle down. You earned an apple.

3. Preaching About How Others Should Act on Social Media and Acting Like A Fool In Public.

Girl Acting Like A Mess / Via

Everyone has that friend. The one who is condescending about how others behave and preaches manners and God on his/her social media account, but goes out and does worse things in the club. If you are that person, someone will eventually call you out.

2. Complaining About How Bad Your Life is and not Doing Anything About It.

The Sign Has It Right / Via

Whether you think you’re fat or you think your life could be better in some way, do something about it. If you hate living in a small town, move to a big city. If you are unhappy in your relationship, end it. The most proactive people are the most successful in the future.
Friends are there to let you vent, but they just get annoyed when your venting goes on more than one conversation.

1. Watching The Biggest Loser and Eating Junk Food.

If you are eating junk food while watching The Biggest Loser, chances are you could stand to lose a few pounds.

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