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Community Post: 9 Ways College Is Nothing Like High School

1. Nerds are everywhere, and they’re cool now.

Suddenly, it’s not lame to study hard for a test and care about things. You’re all nerds and you all love it.

2. You never sleep.

Remember when you had that five page essay due for your senior Social Studies class and you stayed up until 2 AM to finish it? That was nothing.

3. Because of this, coffee is your favorite.

Mmm, tastes like finals!

4. Textbooks aren’t free… they’re crazy expensive.

No friendly school bookroom to lend you them. There goes your last penny. (UNLESS you get textbooks from Boundless. Then you’ll have plenty of money left over.)

5. You’re super sneaky now.

Because you’ve stolen so many bagels from the dining hall.

6. Class attendance is optional.

And man, that is a hard decision at 8 AM.

7. When you do go to class, you don’t have to fight your bladder.

No hall passes. No asking. Just step out of the lecture hall.

8. Dorm sweet dorm does not always equal home sweet home.

Sometimes you want to shut the door and cuddle with your pup back home.

9. But even though it can be rough, you’re making amazing friends every day.

And that makes it worth it.

10. BONUS! The one thing that doesn’t change: everyone can spot a freshman.

So you rock that school spirit lanyard. Rock it hard.

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