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Community Post: An Instagramer’s Guide On How To Make Your Life Appear More Interesting Than It Actually Is

1. Take a few selfies to show off your individualism and unique character.

4. Walk into your local florist and take a photo of one of their bouquets.

Upload it and say your boyfriend gave it to you.

5. Then watch the comments start flooding in.

6. To seem sophisticated, pose alongside a work of art in deep contemplation.

8. Or to achieve the same desired effect, take a black and white photo of absolutely anything.

Because monochrome photos are so vintage-chic.

9. Ask a stranger if you can take a picture of his Rolex because you’re shopping around for a new watch.

Then upload it with the caption, “Casual Monday Purchase.”

10. Show off how much fun you’re having with a classic jump-in-the-air pic.

11. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as your feet and hands are off the ground.

12. Because there’s no other pose that screams, “MY LIFE IS EXCITING!” better than this one.

13. Take a photo of your fortune cookie to show your followers the exciting things life has in store for you.

15. A funny picture of your dog always guarantees a good laugh.

19. If your dog isn’t being funny on his own, dress him up and place him in uncomfortable positions to achieve the same desired effect.

21. If nothing else, you can snap a photo of yourself with a fake mustache on.

Because gender ambiguity is all the rage these days.

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