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Community Post: Dad’s A Weirdo And I Hate Death

“What I Am Thankful For”
I am thankful for my mom and dad for raising me since I was 1 day old. I am also thankful for my family for all the fun things we did together. My Grandpa’s especially for all the nice things they did for me. But now I almost lost half of my family. My Grandpa Clade died, my big sister Megan died, my Doggy Lolly Pop died, my Grandma’s father died. I don’t like death. My dad to be is always acting like a weirdo. My mom especially she’s always been nice to me. I love my mom always even when she gets cranky. I still love her. My Grandma’s have always been nice and thankfull. My olds’t Nana is Grandma Leah Sickles. She is very nice. She is all alone in her house, because my grandpa Clade died. That was her husband. My step-mother has been nice to. She is very much like my real mother. She loves me, Savannah, Ashley, and Jessica.

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