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Community Post: How Japanese Honey Bees Cook The Japanese Hornet That Is Four Times Its Size

1. Enter the Japanese Hornet

Image via Capital Bay / Via

When scouting for prey, the Japanese Hornets send out a scout that will spray the Honey bee hive with pheromones. This signals and marks the hive so the hornets can easily find it.

2. The Warm Welcome

Knowing the scout hornet’s task, the Japanese Honey bees welcome the hornet into the nest. The hornet obliges. Once inside the nest, the Japanese Hornet begins spraying the hive with pheromones.

3. The Signal

In a swinging motion the Honey bees swing their abdomens thus signaling to one another the impeding attack.

4. The Swarm

After all of the Honey bees have been alerted they begin to swarm the scout by the hundreds and pin it down, but the bees don’t sting the hornet.

5. The Roasting

Image via herford shire bee keepers / Via

Once the hornet has been swarmed, the Honey bees do something only science can answer. They begin to vibrate their wings by the hundred. This raises the temperature in the hive to 117 degrees Fahrenheit. The Honey bee can withstand temperatures of 118 degrees. Unfortunately, the Japanese hornet can only withstand 115 degrees. The hornet is slowly cooked alive.

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