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Community Post: More Reasons Shopping Can Be A Woman’s Worst Nightmare

1. Heading out on a shopping trip is like going into battle.

None of us ever are.

2. You recruit some friends to go with you for a tag-team offensive.

3. You even got your game face on.

4. Still, everything can go wrong, and probably will.

5. Like when you walk into a store where they don’t even carry your size.

6. Or when you find a cute shirt, and all that’s left are the extra smalls.

7. Not to mention women’s pants sizes must be decided by random lottery, because they are never the same from store to store.

8. You are desperate to fit in those pants that are SUPPOSED to be your size.

9. And when you don’t, it kills your self esteem.

10. You’re almost sure the changing room mirror has something against you – there’s no way you actually look like that, right?

11. Don’t even get me starting on buying intimates.

12. But FINALLY you manage to locate one item that makes you feel like you’re walking on Cloud Nine.

13. One look at the price tag will snap you back to reality.

14. Time to distance yourself from that shirt, to save yourself from starvation and misery later.

15. Time to go through the entire store again.

16. Often, you leave empty-handed.

17. If you’re lucky, you can leave the store a champion. Getting one item that is awesome and doesn’t cost you a month’s worth of groceries is a small but wonderful victory.

18. And maybe, just maybe, you can find a whole outfit!

19. So at the end of the day, you either feel like this…

20. …or like this.

But at least there’s ice cream, right?

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