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Community Post: Someone Created Twitter Accounts For The “Sherlock” Characters With Glorious Results

1. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock’s account is spot on, filled with the expected dry humor and utter disregard for social norms.

2. Dr. John Watson

The honorable Dr. Watson’s Twitter is equal parts dry wit and frustration – usually aimed at Sherlock. Occasionally however, he’ll converse with Lestrade or even fans.

3. Molly Hooper

Molly Hooper is still mooning over Sherlock via her Twitter feed. She’s either constantly talking to him or planning out her job working in the morgue.

4. Gregory Lestrade

Whoever created Lestrade’s twitter decided to take some liberties and make him funnier than the show’s constraints allow him to be. Twitter Lestrade is constantly throwing snarky barbs at Mycroft and Sherlock.

5. Mycroft Holmes

Sherlock’s brother is just as perfectly uptight and pessimistic as he is in the show. His best tweets are where he’s trying to rein in Sherlock or joking with Lestrade.

6. Moriarty

Twitter Moriarty is just as skin-crawlingly creepy as TV Moriarty. “Tweet tweet, darlings.” Who says that…other than a cold-blooded criminal mastermind?

7. Mrs. Hudson

Mrs. Hudson’s Twitter bio actually says, “Not your housekeeper.”

8. And missing from the twitter accounts…

Unfortunately, “The Woman” (aka Irene Adler) does not have an account. Sgt. Donovan and Anderson both have accounts, however – but not many tweets between them.

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