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Community Post: The Best Of Dmitry Medvedev’s Instagram

Nothing says “I’m still a power-player in Russian politics” like a red puffy vest and plaid shirt.

This is how I learned that parts of Russia look like California.

Special appearance by Putin. Medvedev looking like the ruthless and independent leader he is.

A year of russian language courses and google translate tell me this was taken on the Yamal Pennisula.

This photo was supposedly posted to congratulate new graduates on their accomplishments. But you just know he thought he looked cute and needed an excuse to post a random classroom selfie.

Like all instagram users and pensioners, Medvedev is a fan of the sunset.

Sure, Putin can pose with guns and tigers, but CAN HE POSE WITH A SIGN? Didn’t think so.

Not even in Siberia* can a rainbow escape being instagrammed.

*This is not Siberia.

The secret to electoral success in Russia? Puppies! And fraud and corruption and intimidation, but look… puppies!

This man was once the supreme commander-in-chief of a nuclear power. Just remember that.

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