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Community Post: The Free Press: It’s Kind Of A Big Deal

1. This is the First Amendment of the United States Constitution

See that underlined part? It is very important. That’s what we’re going to talk about right now.

2. America wouldn’t exist if all the guys with printing presses hadn’t told the Brits to shove off.

Getting the word out!

4. In places without press freedom, things tend to go downhill pretty quickly.

Like in Nazi Germany.

Even today, in North Korea.

7. The free press has exposed a lot of corruption here in America

Ever heard of the Watergate scandal? It got a freaking president to resign!

Or more recently, the IRS got political.

9. A free press means normal citizens like you and me can have a voice

Yes, you!

That’s right. Speak truth to power, baby!

11. But the free press is not safe even in America

Last March the government tapped the phone records of 20 Associated Press reporters…WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!

Who needs to worry about freedom and privacy when you’re the freaking Department of Justice right?

14. It gets worse, there’s this bill in the Senate right now that basically lets the Department of Justice decide who IS and ISN’T a journalist

It’s called S.B. 987. Kind of scary, right?

15. If you haven’t worked as a professional journalist recently or aren’t a journalism student, no shield law for you.

If you aren’t protected by this “shield,” the government can force you to reveal your sources.

Leaving us with an elite class of people qualified to be journalists.

18. Matt Drudge put it well

19. So let’s tell all these Senators who think they know better that they can’t take our freedom!

20. Learn more about how you can protect the freedom of the press and the rights of journalists everywhere at!

I am the first amendment, and so are you!

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