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Community Post: What It’s Really Like Being 22

1. So you (or someone you know) is 22.

2. When you were younger, you thought it would be like:

5. But it’s not.

6. You thought you’d party all weekend,

7. But you actually end up marathoning Catfish instead.

8. Everyone seems to be getting married already,

9. Except for you.

10. Maybe you’ve even tried online dating

11. With limited success.

12. But hey, at least you’ve got a good job, right?

14. You’ve got a kickass place, right?

16. You’re broke

17. And sometimes you just want to be a trophy wife/husband.

18. Most of the time, you’re confused.

20. Which isn’t great…

22. You have your whole life ahead of you,

23. You have good friends,

24. And you know that things will turn around.

25. You’re awesome

26. And you have been for 22 years.

(P.S. Happy birthday Emily! Welcome to the club!)

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