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Conan O'Brien on Justin Bieber's egging


luk3 says:

He’s not wrong…at all.

sassypriest420 says:

Im so sick of bieber jokes..


Conan O’ Burnin.

YouCantHandleMyMidRiff says:


Beestonian says:

That’s to say nothing of the millions of innocent sperm cells killed in his conception.

SirAwesomeTheThird says:

Conan O’Snap.

TheRightWrongWay says:

Bieber-beating is in full force. We were at the crest of the wave, Imgur and Reddit community!

myNamePants says:

gahahhahaha, on the other note what the hell does an egging mean? I love conan though

FreeHamJobs says:

I just went over to my drumset and tapped out a “Ba-dum TSSSS”

micromelissa says:

eggscellent joke

thiswasthebesticouldcomeupwith says:

Why are we still talking about this douchebag?

SweetBabyJesus says:

Bieber’s Mom should have had her eggs scrambled…

Macbooty says:

Conan wins. again.

JackMcWegsteck says:

lets just take bieber and cyrus, put them in a bag and throw that bag into a pond … of burning lava

dangercats says:

I tried to make a pun based on a Bieber song. Then I realised I didn’t know any Bieber songs. Now I leaning back in my chair, content.

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