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Contentsquare releases experience recommendation feature post Clicktale acquisition

In July 2019, digital experience platform Contentsquare acquired Clicktale. This morning, they announced a new recommendation feature incorporating the technology.

The new feature “gives brands the ability to surface and quantify revenue-generating recommendations for experience improvements,” the company states.

Using these recommendations, customers will be able to better troubleshoot issues, understand impacts of UX changes and testing, and continue to innovate and improve the digital experience.

The enhancements were made possible by the incorporation of Clicktale’s tech stack into Contentsquare, including advanced behavioral analytics and AI.

The recommendations surfaced by the platform work as “quantified alerts” which can help teams focus and prioritize what to work on next.

By knowing how much revenue is on the line, teams can know which aspects of the digital customer experience need to be fixed first and which will make the most difference for their business.

Improving digital experience can have significant ROI impact for businesses. According to the Harvard Business Review, consumers spend up to an additional 140% when they receive a better customer experience than when they receive a poor one.

Contentsquare’s platform helps businesses build a “single source of truth” when it comes to understanding their digital experience. Customers include Tiffany’s, GoPro, Walmart, and Renault, among some 600 others.

Jonathan Cherki, founder and CEO of Contentsquare, commented on the announcement:

“At Contentsquare, we envision a world where every digital interaction is used to create better experiences and improve the quality of people’s lives. Traditionally, the barrier to turning that vision into a reality is that brands have been in the dark when it comes to understanding specifically how to design the experiences their customers will love and want to use again and again.

“With our technology, though, we are empowering brands with unique behavioral insights to create better experiences — and connecting those improvements more directly to the upside they drive for their business and for their customers.”

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