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Creativity for Kids Create Your Own Books – 2 Blank Hardcover Books – Open-Ended Crafting

This kids craft will help your little one take their first steps to becoming a bestselling author. Whether they prefer fairy tales, action adventures, an autobiography or poetry, the two hardboard books and art supplies allows your adorable author to tell their story as both the author and illustrator.

A great activity for all ages, this Create Your Own Books craft for boys and girls allows them to express their creativity. Older children can put their writing and artistic skills on display with more sophisticated, well-written prose and beautiful illustrations. Use the illustrated guide for story ideas or tips on story development. Meanwhile, this educational craft set will help younger children foster a love for reading, writing and drawing through the creative exploration provided by this kit. Remember, correct letter formation, neatness and spelling are skills that develop over time through practice. Encourage their writing attempts, discuss their stories and praise their drawings. Children learn to write with greater ease and confidence when encouraged to write and scribble at an early age.

The smaller hardback book features a die-cut frame perfect for displaying a picture. Provide your little one with a picture of themselves to create an ‘All About Me’ book, their first autobiography. Or consider adding a picture a beloved relative or family pet and tell their story! The two hardback books allow for you to treasure their finished story for years to come. Create cherished memories together or use one of the books to take a school project over the top and the other to tell a personal story. The possibilities are endless.

Product Features

  • CREATE 2 CUSTOM BOOKS – Write and illustrate these blank books to create your own best seller. These hardcover books are made with premium quality paper that you can keep as a timeless treasure for years to come.
  • COMPLETE BOOK KIT – Includes 2 hardcover books (11″W x 8.25″H) and (8.25″W x 6.25″H). The smaller book includes a die-cut frame. Insert your photo and write an “all about me” book!
  • INCLUDES STORY STARTERS – Sometimes you need a little bit of help getting the ball rolling. This kit includes a handful of story ideas that you can develop on with your own individuality!
  • ADD YOUR OWN FLAIR – Want to add your own personalized touch? You can use your own pencils, crayons, and even photographs to decorate your custom books. Be sure to ask for adult permission before using any photos!
  • CREATIVITY FOR KIDS – Since 1976, our open-ended products offer fun-filled opportunities for children to create, learn, pretend and explore.

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Anonymous says:

Almost Instant Gratification! There is something extra special about ‘writing a book’ to my kids that writing or drawing on plain paper or in a regular notebook just doesn’t seem to approximate. These little books are just the right size and price for the kids to make something a little special, but not so expensive that I will be upset when they are eventually destroyed. (And they will be destroyed. These look more durable than I had expected given the price, but as another reviewer points out, the pages are just glued…

Anonymous says:

Better than screen time! I bought this for my 5 year old granddaughter and she very generously shared it with her two 8 year old siblings. They loved it! Kept them busy for over two hours and each was super creative in their own way. The five year old drew pictures and, with spelling help, wrote in the book. One eight year old created a story using the stickers, while her twin wrote and illustrated a story involving planets, which led to looking for more information on planets on the internet. He’s going to bring…

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