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CTV ad platform Wurl launches cross-platform ad marketplace, AdPool

Streaming video distribution and ad services provider Wurl has launched a marketplace for ads in Internet-delivered video on Connected TV (CTV), called AdPool.

The marketplace connects supply-side platforms or other sources of ad inventory, with ad buyers on demand-side platforms or other tools.

CEO Sean Doherty told ClickZ that, to his knowledge, this is one of the few marketplaces for CTV ad buying and inventory selling that is now focused on the smaller video programming services, although there are ones specifically for YouTube, Hulu or Roku services.

Inventory on AdPool is available from about 70 services, including Pluto, Zuma, Danger TV, Samsung TV Plus, Jukin Media, Sony Entertainment, Outside TV, Tastemade, WeatherNation, Stadium Sports and Law & Crime TV.

Wurl’s AdPool

The ads can be of any length, although Doherty said they tend to be 15- , 30- and 60-second ads, and all are delivered mid-roll. Wurl claims that video services using its network increased ad impressions by 150 percent during Q2.

The only other cross-platform CTV ad marketplace that he’s aware of, Doherty said, is Tetra TV, which he said is much smaller.

AdPool is free to video publishers and CTV platforms that are part of the Wurl network, and, since the video programming is delivered over the Net to Internet-connected TVs or standalone OTT boxes, each ad can be individually targeted to each viewer.

The Palo Alto-based Wurl also offers AdSpring, a platform for targeting, inserting and measuring ads to CTV, but those ads’ placements and deals have already been arranged before they arrive at AdSpring.

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