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Cut To Fit Canvas Web Belt Size Up to 52″ with Flip-Top Solid Black Military Buckle (Black)

Our Casual Outdoor Canvas Web belt offers comfort, any size fit and endurance with the canvas web material and quality buckle. Offers large variety of selections to match your outdoor wares. Pick your favorite color and style for your hiking, fishing or golfing adventure!

Product Features

  • Black CUT Up to Waist Size 52″, 56″ Inches (142CM) Length, 1.5″ Inches (3.81CM) Width
  • BUCKLE: Each belt has individual Buckle, Metal Military style buckle tightly secures and easy to unbuckle, fit for golf belt, outdoor belt
  • FlEXIBLE FIT – Belt fully adjustable and easy cut to fit any waist size up to 56″. Pull the latch on the buckle to release the belt, make the cut, put the belt back and secure the latch.
  • COLORS STYLE: 16 colors option or 3 Pack available to match any jeans, khakis, and golfing pants
  • MATERIAL: High Density Canvas Cotton webbing offers high endurance and resilience.

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Anonymous says:

Sturdy heavy duty material, good quality buckle, reversible, great price. Pick four. Love this belt! I have been wearing a webbing belt with a flip buckle (made by a different company) for about four years. The belt had begun to fray a bit, and the buckle was scratched, so I searched Amazon for a replacement. The search turned up quite a few options of web belts with various buckles. I prefer canvas webbing over pure nylon webbing, and I also like the way this type of flip buckle grips and holds the belt at any particular setting, with little or no slippage.This Golf Belt Canvas webbing…

Anonymous says:

Fits exactly right I am so pleased with these belts… just wore one of them for the first time today… so easy to close, so that you can make it exactly as tight as you want it. A few years ago, I bought a leather belt (with holes), and it was so annoying to have to keep putting holes through the leather whenever I lost weight–and the holes I made myself never worked very well: with this belt, no holes are needed and it fits perfectly!UPDATE: I was so happy with these belts, but on the one I…

Anonymous says:

Does its job great. I bought two of these belts in June. Not much was expected, but I had to give them a try. The belts and buckles delivered a fantastic surprise by far exceeded the sales pitch and even the five-star reviews. They adjust easily and hold fast. The buckles have not fallen off (as they have in other brands I threw my money on). The belts itself is made of strong material and will last many years. The metal buckle holds the belt firm and opens when you want it to. Here’s the kicker to this late…

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