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Dade County Medical Examiner Joseph Davis on the Mariel crime wave WTVJ, 1981


Christopher Lopresti says:

tbh the mariel thing was thrown way out of proportion. Didnt people notice
that there was also a huge haitian refugee population, mayb the rise of
cocaine also, there were other latin american groups also responsible. Tht
why im doing a paper for school regarding the other reasons for the spike
in crime. The marielitos did have an impact on the crime wave, but was not
the main cause as most believe.


this is from the scarface era

Vlad Putin says:

so true, hence why this country is turning into a hellhole.

Charlie Foxtrot says:

If he said this in 2013 he’d be fired and the liberals would be calling for
him to be charged with a hate crime.

Stephen Gladue says:

I love this 80’s miami stuff.

ftwodid says:

He also hunted and had a gun collection (legal of course) soonerdave. The
libs would have just loved that.

ftwodid says:

That’s my Uncle. He told it like it was. He respected life, saw the
deceased, and was never afraid to tell the truth (because he never had an
agenda). That was quite an era..

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