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Dance Of The Robe

The Penn State Thespians’ 200th Mainstage Production Aida musical rights belong to MTI, Inc. Video was recorded on behalf of the Penn State Thespians at Penn…

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Ezekiel Robinson says:

The lead is amazing there actors have to many tattoos and to much dancing
but vocally it was very good

Jazzzkidd says:

1) This was put on by a bunch of college students studying science,
political science, and other non theater disciplines 2) It was the matinee
so it is difficult to belt the high note at noon after running the show
over the 5 week rehearsal period 3) By principle, unless you can prove that
you could do this better, then kindly zip it.

Shane Fischetti says:

Way too much going on dance wise.

TJ Hooker says:


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