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Daniel Sloss loves Tinder


TooWeirdToLiveTooRareToDie says:


zephyrkid says:

I have had ZERO likes on Tinder. Shits fucking depressing. I think that app is broken

SpicyMonkey says:

and this is why i choose not to use it

xenathewarriorprincesswashot says:

I know the feeling bro. I’ve even tried to add guys to like me to no avail

zephyrkid says:

maybe. your mom had no problems tho

TheGodofWar says:

10 minutes and that’s all you could come up with? Boooring.

EyeInTheDark says:

Tinder is like an app where you can just download a guy if you’re horny. For us girls I mean.

steve699 says:

It’s hilarious when you’re browsing trough a proxy it says like: Amanda, 20 living in PROXY wants to chat with you.

MyStepOneIsGodwinsLaw says:

Meh it’s the same as Meatspace you just streamline the rejection and next phase.

xenathewarriorprincesswashot says:

oh…at least you dont live in a densely populated area

zephyrkid says:

I’m gonna try this stupid app in Minneapolis when I am back in the US. We’ll see what happens

TomAtofromPalletTown says:

I feel terrible for laughing so hard at this. I expected something encouraging or “I know that feel.” Did not expect that Spongebob picture.

xenathewarriorprincesswashot says:

all the best at finding local sluts 😛

UnexpectedItemInBaggingArea says:

Thank you title, I didn’t recognise him without his name in gigantic letters in the background.

t33nw01f says:

I think I need tinder

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