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David Banner Debates Police Brutality

Rapper David Banner and former Orange, New Jersey mayor Eldrige Hawkins, Jr. debate on police responsibility and the reality of good and bad cops.

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SouthEast Wink 202 says:

Mf you are NOT BLACK,your skin tone is but your mentality isn’t

Calvin B says:

Lying ass!!…. All these dirty ass cops in my city trynna force me to sell my morals cause they lookin bad with the immigrants i caught them trafficking!!

Jthe Lightseeker says:

sounds like she rapping in the intro

David Hoard says:

Yes he is write

IcantSeeReplies says:

The problem isn't the cops the problem is black behavior. That should be clear to anyone with a half a brain.

Estefano Masferrer says:

I’ve seen a couple of vids about Banner he flip flops alot.

صلاح الفاضلي says:

The old man with eyeglasses should get him a job and stop stealing from gas stations You’re trying to portray yourself as a professional when in fact you are a thief

Tony Sweet says:

There is an epidemic of police brutality and police misconduct in this country! They operate under the guise of serving and protecting when in actuality they are murderous Revenue Gathering tyrants that harass intimidate assault and kill citizens everyday! If you don't bow down to them they will hit you false charges like the Despicable immoral scum they have become due to The Thin Blue Line b*******! The only way to start getting accountability is to always always always exercise your rights to film The Police! Always always always film The Police! 1200 citizens a year killed by police and the only way to bring that number down it's always always always film The Police! They use the "in this day in age" bullshit to criminalize constitutionally protected activities! Well I say "in this day and age everybody has a camera and should never hesitate to always always always film The Police! That's the only way to start getting accountability from these cowardly tyrants!

Theodore Coleman says:


Austin Winston says:

You must comply on the street, and then after your funeral your family can file a lawsuit that the DA will decline to prosecute.

Nathaniel Hightower Hightower says:

And tell him that the cop see something say something because that's the first thing they tell us if he see something say something but they don't say nothing and when I mean by the police supposed to say something if you see something if you see a man handcuffed while beating stopping you said young man not doing anything but you want to just rush up and jump on them in the cart want to mess with him you see the man ain't doing nothing wrong you see something say something and stop him but it just don't happen to do it because the blue wall of Silence

Nathaniel Hightower Hightower says:

That's a lie you don't even make it to Internal Affairs they won't even let you get no paper to internal affairs a lot of black men and been through it you get locked up slam and shot Maybe you must be talking about white people

Johnny Benkeba says:

If a community gets together can they make a request to have no one from the police force oversee their neighborhood?

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