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David Banner featuring Ernestine Johnson “Evil Knievil” Uncensored



Produced by Seige Monstrosity

jermane mckay says:

This is rap music that needs to be bought and supported 

TreeK SaintP says:

Или ошибка в хэштэгах просто?) Прост интересно

#Ernestine Johnson

Или тебе такие черные не ровень аборигенам ?? Was crackn now, solda soul 2
dat ho ass sucka whut we call luciy??

Marcus Stallworth says:

David Banner featuring Ernestine Johnson “Evil Kn…:

AfroEthernet says:

Excellent and I was enlightened by your speech at Chicago State yesterday.

WhyAnubis? says:

Yo David your mind is on another dimension with this. We do come from the
stars far away. We are the creators of our reality and the Great
Mother(Creator) has given us talents beyond mankind(kind of man) beliefs.
They are our sons and daughters. We were the first and we will be the last

HipHop Period says:

C Lantana in the Video! Good Look DB!

Queen Supreme says:

Love this – Much Respect to the Black God. 

MS. ILBB says:

Love me some David Banner! Thank you for staying true to us.

TreeK SaintP says:

чувствуешь опасность? ..или работаешь под прикрытием на правительство с
остальными черными масонами и такой поворот вроде как не удобен?

Black Gravity says:

David Banner featuring Ernestine Johnson “Evil Knievil” Uncensored

Father Jah says:

Yooooooooooooooooo…..THIS is one of the BEST Hip Hop videos in a LOOOOONG
TIME, familation!!! Had to post this on
INDEED!!! – fatherama (hahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!)

FiendofDA says:

I loved this brotha Banner! Hotep! keep dropping that knowledge fam!!!!!!

Rareeighty Stories says:

+ABANNERVISION I see your vision my G Im with you love this joint its
powerful!!!! How could 2 people down this joint lol Seige Monstrosity a

TheZEALOT120 says:

Black Power Thanks David Banner for staying tru to yoself and your people!

Fred Boka says:

This is a very powerful and classical piece of art.

jrotten407 says:

illnasty. glad you stopped making “crunk” music and started making real
shit. props for that one.

edward little says:

The beat is bangin and the messasge is important.

Hideki utsumi says:

動画確認しました。i watched your youtube.

Rashad Phillips says:

Dope video with powerful imagery. I can’t wait to purchase The God Box!

LaRenzo Harts says:

Yes! This track is everything. Pure music. Salute to David Banner. 

twotalltheone says:

Keep the truth coming. Waiting for GODBOX

antoinelorenzolyons says:

Wow…..amazing……i love this. 

cocoakeke says:

YES YES YES, a thousand times yes!

Freeman Mahone says:

Firing Squad!!!

XOlA INEz SHAkUR says:


Asia Tahara says:

Awesome video!!! Keep it up!!!

Terrell Johnson says:


Siyah Moon says:

Yes love it…

eLI lUTZ says:

wow got chils

Black Gravity says:


HipHop Period says:


riohillman says:

The truth. 

sipboy says:

Watching the evolution of David Banner is amazing. Being from Mississippi
too I remember “Get Crunk”, “Like a Pimp”, “Might Getcha”. I also remember
“Cadillac on 22s”, “Bush”, “Fire Falling” and the whole “Death of a Pop
Star” album. To see where he has came from those beginnings to create
something like shows that Mississippi still has something to say. You are
indeed an inspiration.

Matt Nichols says:

Real talk

Jennifer Njoku says:


Vera Loo says:

loved it! 

trudeity says:


Mzyas Blackliberator says:

Carlos Thompson says:
Blackmind Allah says:
Skeetahbite says:

DOPE !!!!!

Torrey G. says:

Looking forward to that new Banner project coming soon

Rosa Winnie X King says:

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